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Do you need a turnkey roof solution?
Look no further than Takmontage Sverige AB!

We specialize in providing turnkey roof solutions, taking care of every step of the process from design to installation. Our experienced team will work with you to deliver a customized solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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The process
We follow a simple four-step process to ensure a great roofing services. We discuss your needs, assess your property, create a detailed plan, and complete the project with the highest standards. Finally, we conduct a thorough inspection and provide necessary documentation.

Our four step process include:

Final checklist conducted

  • 1
    Self control
    Our roofers conduct self-checks and sign off on each completed part as part of our quality control process.
  • 2
    Collection of documents
    Upon the completion of the project, we securely store all project-related documents, including photo documentation, self-checks, order confirmations, and more, just in case for future references.
  • 3
    Assesment with the customer
    Our designated contact person schedules a review meeting with you, the customer, to assess the completed roof. Once both parties are fully satisfied, we conclude with a handshake and provide you with warranties and maintenance advice for your new roof.

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